Education & Courses

A big part of what we do is to share our learning and inspire
We think that engaging with wheat and bread is a wonderful way to engage people in the values and benefits of hand crafted, livelihoods.

Our educational days/workshops can take various forms and topics. Generally we explore the following:

Understanding healthy eating, & healthy bread ingredients.
How is a loaf of bread produced? We take students through a participant led game looking at all the stages in the process from field to loaf and comparing the environmental impact from industrial production to small scale artisanal production.
Each student can make their own, sourdough loaf of bread.
Pizza making for lunch can be included, again, everyone makes their own.
We will introduce you to different kinds of wheat. If you visit us, we can visit the wheat field.
We can sometimes incorporate actually threshing and milling your own grain.
We explore the elements: earth, air, fire & water and how these are essential in each part of the process from field to loaf. The aim being that students gain a feeling of connection to and a feeling of stewardship for the environmental forces that sustain us.
We like to work with groups over a whole year on a ‘bake your lawn’ project. Whereby students sow their own grain at their school/community centre and later in the season thresh, winnow, mill and bake with it.
Students can leave with their own bread, sourdough starter and grain to sow at home.

Prices for workshops vary depending on what you would like is to deliver.
Many of the activities can be linked to the curriculum.

Our day rate starts at £250 plus expenses.
Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk through what you would like.