Our pizza is a beautiful, delicious artisanal fast food, fit for any event.
Our pizzas are always sourdough, hand made using some outstanding organic ingredients from Wales & the UK.  The result is a unique ‘Welsh’ pizza showcasing the best ingredients the UK can offer.

We cater for events, parties and weddings. Get in touch with us to talk pizza! 

These are some of the products we love to use:

Hafod Cheese

‘A traditional hard cheese handmade on Wales’ longest certified organic dairy farm, Bwlchwernen Fawr.
We only use the raw (unpasteurised) milk from our 75 Ayrshire cows to make Hafod. Ayrshire milk is rich in butterfat and protein, and is widely regarded as being ideally suited to cheesemaking. It is this unique combination of organic Ayrshire milk and traditional cheesemaking techniques that give Hafod its buttery, rich and nutty flavours.’


Peelham Farm Charcuterie

‘A multi-award winning range of organic charcuterie which we have been making from our free-ranging pigs, sheep and beef on our organic farm for the last 15 years on the Scottish borders.  We have adapted centuries old European methods to produce an authentic British charcuterie. No flavour enhancers, No cure accelerators, No pre-mixes, No artificial emulsifiers.

Our Wild Garlic Pestoorganic_pizza

During the spring, we head out the our local woodlands and pick the abundant wild garlic to make a delicious pesto for our pizzas.

We make our own Passata from organic tomatos and onions and grow some of our own toppings. The rest come from our local organic wholesaler.

You will find us at local food festivals, music festivals and other events. We also cater for private groups of you would like to add an artisanal touch to your event. Contact us via the contact page to find out more.

Recent feedback :

‘Best pizza I’ve had and I used to live in Sicily!’

‘The best pizza I’ve ever had thank you very much’