About Us

Ours is a journey, from growing heritage grains to processing and milling on site before ending with naturally leavened bread baked entirely by hand in a wood-fired oven.

Our mobile oven makes wonderful organic, sourdough, wood-fired pizzas at regional events and we run educational ‘field to loaf’ baking classes teaching time honoured ways of baking, growing and land stewardship.

Inspired by the well-established ‘Boulanger Paysanne’ model in France,
we aim to become the first ‘Peasant Bakery’ in the UK here in St Davids, Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

Join with us on a journey to make entirely hand made, wood-fired, sourdough bread stone milled from wheat we have grown, that is suited to our land and our climate, is higher in nutrients, has distinctive flavours and is made in a way which nourishes our bodies and our communities.

We work on a ‘Community-Supported Bakery’ model, which means we are owned and run by our members, the local community and they share the risks and rewards of production in a spirit of mutual trust and openness.

Let’s make bread & wheat healthy again & restore them to their rightful place at the heart of our tables & our communities.

Our Aims are as follows:

  • To practice and promote community-supported baking and heritage cereal production in a spirit of solidarity and openness
  • To widen access to artisan, sourdough bread and the skills needed to produce it.
  • To demonstrate and teach the benefits of growing, processing, stone milling and baking heritage grains through the principles of agroecology and handmade, naturally leavened, wood fired bread.

  • To engage members and the public in the whole process from field to loaf.
  • To uphold the six pillars of food sovereignty:
  1. Focuses on food for people
  2. Values Food providers
  3. Localises food systems
  4. Puts control locally
  5. Builds knowledge and skills
  6. Works with nature

We are run by a team of six directors:

Rupert Dunn (Baker & Farmer)
Julia Horton-Porwdrill (Local resident)

Katie Versluys (Finance)
Kate Roberts (Pizzas)

Andrew Dixon 

David Collins

Cara Wilson (Development worker)

Tony Little (Agriculture and business)

Torth y Tir is registered as a Community Benefit Society. This means we are
Owned and run by our members, who come from the local community.
Torth y Tir Ltd is registered with Cooperatives UK and the Financial Conduct Authority.


Audio Diaries


Here Rupert Dunn, co-founder of Torth y Tir will be adding regular recordings, unpacking the experience, meaning and challenges behind being involved in TyT.


Recording 2: 23rd May 2018 Herbicide Conundrum.


Recording 1: Beginnings. 23rd April 2018