Get your bread

Time – Honoured – Bread

As a community supported bakery we’ll be signing people up for weekly ‘bread shares’ baked just for you, so we can build mutual trust and solidarity between producer and consumer.

We are baking every Thursday using a wood-fired oven round the back of TYF Adventure, in the Centre of St Davids. Bread is available every thursday until and including 6th December, then resuming on January 10th.

Our bread is all sourdough, made entirely by hand in a dough trough using local spring water, hand harvested salt from Guerande, Brittany and heritage, organic stoneground flour grown in the UK. Price £4.50 per kilo.

Your loaf not only feeds you, it feeds the wildlife in the wheat field and the people who get it from grain to loaf using traditional methods.

We have a limited number of 60 loaves available.

To book yours please contact

or call 07955 387 614

(orders need to be placed by 12pm Wednesday, priority will be given to subscribers)